The value of well-designed packaging

With the right packaging you can enter new markets, and save money.

New packaging has been game-changing for many of our clients whether they are smaller brands, start-ups or established companies.

Discover how our expertise can help you enter new markets, reposition your brand or add value through packaging design.

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Good packaging isn’t just about looking nice.

Perishable or fragile products need to be protected. And materials are important: our sustainable packaging looks great, too.

Urbanangel take-away packaging with kraft labels and green branded neck labels.
Kraft take-away boxes with green Urbanangel paper ribbon wraps.
Gail has always been particularly brilliant at thinking of cost effective solutions in design and packaging that work for our brand.
Gilly Macpherson
Founder and owner, Urbanangel
Brown Botree gift box containing 8 single-source spice tins and 2 further tins.
Mara kraft pouch with belly band featuring Paul Hollywood's use of Mara Shony seaweed. 2 glass test tubes and 2 sachets of seaweed.
GT web Home case study sketches8 seaweed E
GT web Home case study sketches8 seaweed G

Packaging for new markets

Our clients find new customers and markets through packaging.

The right packaging gives credibility—whether you are moving into luxury products, or need big retailers and supermarkets to take you seriously.

And, if you need help with international markets, Gail has lots of experience designing for different territories.

8 black cardboard Cindy's Tea caddys with varient teacup stickers in bright colours.

Gift packaging design

We’ve helped our clients to open up completely new revenue streams through gift packaging.

In some cases, significant brand development and sales have been achieved entirely through packaging. Gift packaging needn’t be wasteful: we love finding creative solutions to our clients’ needs.

3 Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Co. tins with Scottish scenes.
Gail has greatly developed our brand image. Her creative and professional approach has resulted in a range of exceptionally designed products, which has led to our success in the gift trade.
David Greig
Founder, Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Co.
Man eating haggis and salad roll. Macsween meat and vegetarian labels also shown.

Packaging for established brands

We combine respect for heritage with the skills to reinterpret your brand’s history for the current context, and the future.

The studio has worked with brands like Macsween (the world’s best-known haggis maker), to help reposition the brand through identity and packaging—without alienating loyal customers.

'Glam' bag with duotone green image, cream front and back and cream ribbon. Plaisir du Chocolat logo.
3 Plaisir du Chocolat square based, green and white chocolate boxes

Design for premium packaging

Understanding the premium space, the studio has worked with several established, luxury brands to bring their packaging up to the same level as their product.

Our thoughtful and creative approach to packaging allows our clients to make the most of their budget and stand out from their competitors.

Packaging is something that I feel completely at home with. I love its tactile nature and the practical design challenges that it presents.
Gail Turpin
Grey and white striped paper bag with green and white striped string and cream tag. 'Saw this and thought of you' hand written on tag.

Packaging on a budget

Small businesses often neglect packaging, but the simplest bag or mailer box can become an important brand asset.

Our knowledge of bespoke, structural packaging has saved our clients money—while adding value. Off-the-peg packaging can also be thoughtfully used, especially when combined with affordable finishing touches, putting packaging with personality within reach of even the smallest business.

I used to spend a lot of time packing orders. I now have packaging that is easy to use, looks great...and amazingly is half the cost!
Founder, Anna Wright

Approach and experience

Since founding her own studio in 2001, Gail has brought her expertise to clients looking for a packaging designer in Scotland. Her creativity—coupled with a solid understanding of the practicalities of selling in large volumes for fast-moving consumer goods—has proven invaluable to our clients.

Gail also has particular experience in packaging for the premium and luxury markets, artisan foods and craft.

The studio enjoys working with clients who are willing to do something a bit different from the norm and to set their packaging apart from their competitors.

Design pedigree

Gail is experienced in working with clients holding considerable equity in their brand.

During her time in London and Amsterdam—working for large agencies and directly with brands—Gail designed packaging for multinationals, global brands and icons of the British high street.

For more on Gail’s professional and personal journey as a designer read about her Life in Design.

Gail Turpin hanging various packaging visuals on studio wall.
Work from Gail's archive, featuring packaging designed while working for various London and Amsterdam agencies.